Beach Time Fun provides beach lovers quick and easy access to a menu of beach destinations featuring ALL the local favorite places to EAT, PLAY, SHOP, & STAY!

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Can I view/use Beach Time Fun on any device?

Absolutely! Beach Time Fun is configured for viewing and use on laptops, mobile devices such as mini-pads, iPhones and Androids. Download the free app or use the mobile version.

How are beach town attractions like amusements, restaurants, nightlife, shops, places to stay, etc., listed?

ALL local restaurants, bars, amusements, activities, retail shops, hotels, inns, and realty agencies are listed under the beach town where they are located and/or offer their services or products. Each beach town menu features highlights of the town along with its own menu of attractions so you can easily find the best and closest breakfast, lunch, and dinner restaurants, bars, happy hours and nightlife, day time activities such as fishing, water sports, boat tours, shops, places to stay, and so much more!

What information will I find about a restaurant, nightlife, shops, hotels, etc?

Each attraction/business listing features an Image, Description, Phone & Physical Address, and Buttons with direct links to their Coupons and Special Offers (if offered), Events, Menus, Rates, Google Map It, Website, as well as a comment section.

Under a beach town’s “Bars, Happy Hour, & Nightlife” for example, are attractions and businesses listed in any particular order?

Yes and no. There are different number of listings depending on the town and the type of attraction/business category. Some categories may have as many as forty listings where others may have as little as three listings. Typically, attractions/businesses paid a fee for guaranteed top listings in any menu category.

Do the attractions/businesses have ratings?

No. There are many online sites with a gajillion listings of businesses that offer ratings based on customer reviews, some with great reviews and bad reviews (who knows if they’re really real), leaving you more confused than when you started. While an attraction/business may have mediocre rating, you may have a fantastic experience. There is a blog at the bottom of each attraction/business category where you can read comments or leave a comment. You can also use the attraction/business website link and directly contact that business through their website contact page.

Can I post a comment or reply to a comment?

Yes! The comment section is at the bottom of every business listing where you can post or reply to comments about your experience. This is a G-Rated site so overly “colorful” comments will be blocked.

Is there any cost to using this site or downloading the app?

There is no cost. It is absolutely free.

Why do I need to register to leave a comment or reply?

No, but you can register if you want a more personalized experience.

Is it safe to register?

Absolutely! Basically you only need your name and an email address to register, and that information remains private and is never shared. See our privacy policy.

Is Beach Time Fun limited to its current menu of beach towns?

Nope! We will be continuing to add beach towns every where there’s a sandy beach with fun things to do and cool offers. So keep coming back!

Will there be any new features added?

Yep! We are looking at developing several new features to personalize and enhance your Beach Time Fun experience. Stay tuned!

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