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Cool Beans! Beach Time Fun designed for beach lovers!

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Each beach has its own uniqueness, and we want to make it easy for you, your family, your friends, to discover the best each beach destination has to offer. Let’s face it, there are many Internet sites providing a gajillion choices with good and bad reviews (who knows if they’re really real), pricing, etc., making it even more confusing to find what you are looking for.

Beach Time Fun provides a more simple approach to discovering your beach destination’s gems by featuring ALL the places to eat… including ice cream (yay!), places to play (activities, amusements, fishing, water sports, miniature golf, tours, happy hours and nightlife), shops of every kind, places to stay (Inns, B&B’s, Hotels, Motels, Rental Properties), and so much more!
Just tap or click on a beach destination to find places to eat, play, shop, & stay, And checkout the many specials being offered so you can do more and spend less!

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Before you go and while you’re there, make the most of your time at the beach with Beach Time Fun!