Welcome To Longport NJ!

Longport NJ Highlights
A quiet, upscale seashore resort minutes from the nightlife in Atlantic City and the Boardwalk in Ocean City. It is a quaint community of 1700 homes located on the southern tip of the island, just north of OC NJ and south of Margate. Offers Fishing, Surfing and Swimming.

Beach Information
Guarded Bathing Beaches open mid June thru Labor Day from 10am until 6pm on each day of operation.
Surfing is permitted 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. at 12th, 22nd, 28th and 32nd aves.
Badges are required for all beach patrons over the age of 12. Beach inspectors are required to check everyone for beach badges.

Pre-season price (prior to June 15th) is $15 & $5 for seniors.
After June 15, rates are $30 & $10 for seniors.
Veterans are free.

Purchase Beach Tags
Beach tags will be available from any beach tag inspector or at the
Beach Patrol Headquarters.
Beach Patrol
Headquarters – Community Building
33rd and Atlantic Avenue

Veterans tags are free and are available only from the clerk’s office.
Clerk’s Office
Address: 2305 Atlantic Ave, Longport, NJ 08403
Phone: (609) 822-6503
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